Our Green Policy

We take recycling very seriously and recycle as much packaging as we can. All of the packaging we purchase is 100% recycled, even the labels, and our packaging suppliers are all certified to ISO 14001:2015 for Environmental Management Accreditation to help us manage our environmental responsibilities.

We have a policy of re-using as much of the packaging we receive with incoming goods as possible. If it is clean and of good enough quality it is stored in our warehouse ready for re-use. 

G2 Naturals Recycling

When we do have to dispose of materials, we make sure that our waste goes to a reputable recycling center. Our waste handling supplier is also certified to ISO 14001:2015 for Environmental Management & in addition they have achieved Carbon Saver Gold Accreditation for a record 12 years. Currently 95% of our waste goes to recycling and our target is to get this even higher this year. 

We also try to reduce our global footprint and carefully consider our choice of energy suppliers according to their green energy credentials.

Our focus on the environment ensures that you can be sure that, when you use G2 Naturals to manufacture your private label vitamin & mineral supplements, you to are reducing the environmental impact of your business.

G2 Naturals Supplement Contract Manufacturer

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