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Formula Help

We are happy to provide advice using our extensive knowledge of nutritional supplements to help you design your new products. 

Our goal is to build an ongoing relationship with you by helping you create products that attract loyal customers. As a result this will help you ensure the long term success of your business. 

So please download our data sheets, they contain useful information such as, EU Nutrient Reference Values & capsule specifications. This information will help you as you design formulas with vitamins and minerals for your private label nutritional supplements and please do call us if you need assistance.

Capsule Specifications

We love to help our customers design great nutritional supplements. Please contact us if you have any questions or need advice.

EU Nutrient Reference Values

With over 30 years’ experience supplying the nutritional supplements market,  we are happy  to help you with any questions.

Vegan Nutritional Supplements
Natural Nutritional Supplements Manufacturer

Please call us to discuss your  nutritional supplement project with us.